Digital Strategy Consulting

Digital Business Transformation - Business Model, Customer Experience, Organization

Digitization and innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) reveal great opportunities and major challenges at the same time. Stakeholders in construction and engineering need a strong partner on their side to face these challenges. Boris & Associates Inc. offers strategic consulting based on over 15 years of industry experience. Our Strategic consulting services accompanies the digital transformation of the construction and engineering sector by developing strategies and concepts for digital transition, BIM implementation, strategic collaboration and information management.

Brief Overview of some of our strategic consulting components:
1. Diagnosis of the digital maturity of the company
2. Reflection and planning of your digital transformation strategy adapted to your needs
3. Digital implementation strategy
4. Implement BIM as a catalyst for digitalisation
5. Create a strategic collaboration and information management concept and guideline
6. Analyze and evaluate the existing IT landscape
7. Define work methods and procedures, roles and rules
8. Take contractual obligations into account
9. Reflect enterprise and project culture
10.Translate organisation into technology

Changes that are scary?

It's quite normal to be scared when you hear "change of strategy or business model" However, we must be aware that it is not always a change of rupture, but an adaptation, an evolution of the existing.

The reflection on the digital transformation must first focus on the preliminary analysis of the digital maturity, by examining it point by point.

Integrating digital technology into every dimension and service of the company is the essential concern that must guide its leaders.

Digital business transformation is achieved by transforming multiple categories and technologies simultaneously.

It includes business model, business structure, human capital, processes, capacity and skills, product and service offerings, engagement with stakeholders, and process accelerators.

It is a process of continuous improvement since a digital strategy must continually be adapted to seize new opportunities.